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ExploZero is the most advanced explosion supression system for protecting liquid and gaseous media. ExploZero combines maximum saftey with easiest handling.

There are numerous usage scenarios of ExploZero, e.g. collateralization of
  • petrol stations
  • barels
  • tank trucks
  • all kind of fuel tanks and shafts
  • air crafts, containers and
  • tank wagons,
  • security vehicles,
  • military crafts,
  • ...

ExploZero doesn`t look like very impressive. But what`s behind the black brushes ist pure high-tech (see video). The system is built up by thousands of superfine intertwining plastic threads of the single brush elements and spilts the space which is to be protected into millions of single cells. Therefore a complete filling of the endangered space prohibits the unlimited diffusion of the explosion to unleash its devasting effect.

The ExploZero system stops explosion flashovers!
Explosions cannot unfold their devasting effects!
ExploZero is TÜV-certified!
ExploZero is the first VbF certified explosion protection system!

You can download detailed information on ExploZero in our download section or contact us directly for personal coordination.

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