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The system of ExploZero consits of nonflammable synthetic fibres, which were drilled into cylindrical brush elements. The single brushes were fixed together into system packs which do not even afterglow.

The system packs guarantee most effective and rapid filling of large-volume spaces. According to the geometry of the exposed spaces, the system packs can be produced in various sizes. Besides synthetic fibres also high-temperature materials can be used if needed.

Through the flexibility of each brush element, the system packs fit in every imaginable environment. Individual elements reliably secure the tightest corners and sensitive fittings without additional packaging cost.

ExploZero is used in system packs and is the further development of the international well known TSE® Tank-Saftey-Element system.

ExploZero has all necessary certifications!

Not less than three independent institutes were charged to determine the effects of ExploZero. The concordant result speaks for itself …

  • ExploZero passed all tests und was released for international sale.
  • ExploZero is the only certified system for shaft collateralisation on gas stations.
  • ExploZero is the only system with assigned design and type certification

ExploZero is certified by:

ExploZero has numerous unique advantages:

  • Fast and easy insertion and removal of the superligth Packages. (Maintenance costs are reduced to a minimum!!!)
  • Inspections, repairs and maintenance can be executed within shortest time. (This brings you a crucial time advantage in case of emergency!!!)
  • No risk of damage of fittingss, measuring instruments or cables. Fits all kind of shapes.
  • ExploZero is resistent to chemicals and humidity
  • No corrosion caused through bounded humidity.
  • Compatible for liquid and gaseous media.
  • 100% abrasion proof
  • No disposal costs if fuel leaks out (Gravel).
  • Calculable amortization through longllife guarantee – stays in form, no decomposing, corrosion or degeneration
  • Environmentally friendly– cleaning can be done with a normal steam jet.
You can download detailed information on ExploZero in our download section or contact us directly for personal coordination.

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