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ExploZero was designed to fullfill the requirements at petrol stations, dome shafts, filling pump shafts, cabel channels and tanks for liquid and gaseous explosive media. Current laws aswell as economic aspects were carefullly implemented within the technical realization. By using ExploZero the risk of explosions is minimized with regards to explosion expansion and increase of pressure.

Due to it official certifications, it's easy and cost-effective set-up and it's high efficiency in explosion prevention, ExploZero can be used in a large number of application scenarios:
Civil usage scenarios:
Collateralization of
  • petrol stations
  • barels
  • tank trucks
  • all kind of fuel tanks and shafts
  • air crafts, containers and
  • tank wagons,
  • security vehicles,
  • ...

Military usage scenarios:
Collateralization of
  • tank storages,
  • military crafts,
  • navy,
  • aircrafts and helicopters
  • ...
You can download detailed information on ExploZero in our download section or contact us directly for personal coordination.

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