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Petrol stations: hazard potential dome shafts
Dome shafts are under earth manholes at petrol stations, where fitting and dipping equipments and all relevant controls and instruments are located which are obligatory for the storage of fuels. Especially the controls for finding the correct amount of fuel hold high hazard potential.

Especially at gas stations with Superethanol E 85, maximum safety installations are required. Because of inappropriate dipping or leaky connectors petrol fumes or fuels can escape within the dome shaft. Petrol fumes that are heavier than air collect at the bottom of those manholes. At presence of an ignition source those petrol fumes will cause a devasting explosion.

Especially hazardous are fuels consisting of ethanol because of the high explosion readyness of 3,4 Vol% - 15 Vol% and non-conducting plastic pipes. Depending on the rate of flow, those pipes get charged with up to 90.000 volts and can cause explosions.

Because of the average size of a dome shaft (app. 1,5m³) explosions with extreme pressures and devasting effects take place. Dome shaft lids with an own weigth of more than 120kg were catapulted dozens of meters through the air. The consequences of such „missiles“ lead to dramatic accidents again and again.

Using ExploZero such accidents are past.
With only a few hand grips shafts are secured – for lifetime!

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Advantages of ExploZero

Compared to the conventional shaft collateralizations with gravel fillings ExploZero offers a multitude of advantages:
  • A complete shaft can be completely collateralized with only a few handgrips.
  • The superlight packs can be installed in the shaft up to 4 times faster
  • They can be removed for service or control access no less than 50 times faster.
  • Especially at low temperatures ExploZero brakes all records!
  • Even in Winter it cannot freeze!
  • In some countries water can be a massive problem in the dome shaft. Without removing ExploZero from the dome shaft the water can be pumped out and the material takes no damage.
  • ExploZero is completely wear and corrosion proof!
  • ExploZero does neither burn nor afterglow!
  • And finally even cleaning is easy: simply use a steam jet and it is as good as new.
ExploZero - the revolution in explosion protection!
ExploZero was designed to fullfill the requirements at petrol stations, dome shafts, filling pump shafts, cabel channels and tanks for liquid and gaseous explosive media. Current laws aswell as economic aspects were carefullly implemented within the technical realization.

By using ExploZero the risk of explosions is minimized with regards to explosion expansion and increase of pressure.
You can download detailed information on ExploZero in our download section or contact us directly for personal coordination.

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